Green Shield Technologies is a pair of natural health enthusiasts focused on integrating energies and frequencies into products. We provide you with health and wellness technologies which incorporates unique energetics for human wellbeing. Our products enhance and support you towards a better quality life. Our energy technologies are incorporated into our lifestyle products, which are stylish, unique and in many ways groundbreaking. Green Shield is cutting edge innovation in Italian style and comfort.


About Green Shield

Maarten Potgieter
head of distribution

Inspired by people and global challenges, Maarten started his journey early 2014 in search of sustainable social technologies. Maarten’s adventurous nature for self discovery combined with purpose driven action set the foundation for the last 6 years. Maarten has strong relationships and firmly believes that cohesive action drives sustainable change. A strong intuitive team player with natural leadership qualities.

Team Players

Together, Maarten and Guiseppe, have close to 20 years experience in the health care industry. Both individually embarked on a journey to research advanced energetics for human health. It was in 2019 that the two joined forces to bring life enhancing technologies to the world.   

Maarten had extensive experience in the field of Orthopedics. Maarten has a bachelors degree and enrolled for 2 postgraduate degrees before embarking on finding social ecological solutions. Nanotechnology, ecology and advanced energy solutions drove Maarten to establish his first brand. 

The two players grew together into a formidable team capable of driving tangible results in terms of home healthcare solutions. Both, Maarten and Guiseppe, created word class brands and now share a desire to bring Green Shield Technologies to the world at large.

About Green Shield

Giuseppe Lanotte
head of manufacturing

Extensive experience in product development and manufacturing provides the foundation for groundbreaking innovation in the field of energy medicine. Guiseppe headed a large factory facility in Italy before venturing into entrepreneurship. Through collaboration with leading scientists, experts and researchers, Guiseppe created various product lines exclusively dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone.   

Our product lines

bio-active garments

The Bio-Active range consists of insoles and energy active garments. We incorporate special patented mineral yarn from Israel, considered Far infrared technology. The active mineral component absorbs heat from the body and then supplies it back to the body. The mineral additive contained in the Nilit Innergy fibre converts the thermo energy of the human body into FIR and reflects it back to the skin tissues generating deep and gentle heating. Click on the image below to view our range of FIR Garments.

BIo-Frequency oils

BioFrequnecy Oils (Qi Oil MHz+) is a first on this planet. The product line uses the best quality essential oils, plant extracts, and incorporates special frequencies into the oils. These frequencies are stored in the oils and penetrates the body when applied. The Qi Oil MHz+ Balance is the best performer, and works to effectively remove pain from the body. ATP tennis stars from Italy use the Balance Oil regularly during and post exercise. Click on the image blow to view the complete set of oils.


ATP Tennis Stars

Luca Vanni and Daniele Bracciali with Qi Oil MHz+ Balance after practice. 


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softmag pain relieF

SoftMAG devices incorporates nanoparticles which alleviates pain and assist the body in effective healing. The orthopaedic nature of the devices supports different body parts. Globally it is estimated that 1 out 5 people suffer from chronic pain. Currently there very few options available in shops for natural pain relief. These products are hand made from the highest quality materials, Italian comfort and style. They are CE registered Class 1 Medical Devices and do not require any other approvals. We have sold 1000’s throughout Europe and South Africa, but its popularity are still to hit the some shores. Click on the image below to view the full product line.