Green Shield Technologies, Life Pen Qi Oil Balance
Bio-Frequency Oil which promotes body balance, healing and reduces pain.



High quality products. Excellent assistance. Fast shipping. Definitely recommended to try them…

Michele Cairoli


Sciatic Shield

SCIATIC SHIELD SOFTMAG… I’m using SOFTMAG SCIATIC SHIELD for sciatic nerve and hip inflammation in general. After about 2 weeks (3 hours a day) I felt a marked improvement in joint mobility and pain.



Bio-Frequency Set

Serious and reliable company, I get along very well with them. The manager is a very helpful person who listens to the needs of his customers. I use the whole set of green shield oils for work and I feel great. Excellent results from the very first applications.

Francesca De Gennaro



Company Avanti..waves of Light!! Serious, professional, up-to-date company and professionals of True Well Being, attentive to the Person, to Health, to propose innovative and truly effective products. I’ve been a researcher for years and I’m really glad to have found you. Thank you. You have a New Happy Customer ❤️🙏

Laura Castagnetta


Full Marks

SoftMAG and QI OIL passed with full marks. I was able to use Green Shield’s SoftMAG technology for five years on a series of non-serious, but nonetheless significant ailments to ascertain the full and rapid effectiveness of these devices (especially the Life Pen). Recently, on the recommendation of one of the doctors who work in synergy with the company, I also had the opportunity to treat an annoying gastric reflux with QI OIL Balance. In three days it completely disappeared and this seems sensational to me, given that I had been battling it for months.

Francesco Pandolfi Balbi



Innovative and exceptional products. I bought a first frequency oil (the Balance) on the website of the Naturopath Patrizia Coffaro with countless doubts. But not only did I totally get rid of the psoriasis under my feet, but it managed to ease my joint pains. Then I also bought Oxidative stress, Rejuvenate and CBD. I couldn’t be without it anymore. Wonderful.

Simona Marconcini


Skin Spots

I used Balance oil and after a few weeks I noticed improvements on some face spots, they are much better. I will buy it again.

Catia Mancuso


Skin Problems

EQUILIBRIUM oil and BALANCE are exceptional… they helped me solve skin problems that 1000 dermatologists and 1000 pharmaceutical products could not. High level professional company. Top assistance and very fast shipping. Highly recommended++++



Very Professional

I express my congratulations to the Green Shield company for the professionalism expressed towards me and for the attention to the person and not to the sale, I also add that this is an added value to the quality of their products that I was able to buy and try thank you very much.

Miro Sollazzo


Qi Oil Equilibrium

Fantastic experience 😍 I bought from Green Shield the Balance oil and the Equilibrium oil are fantastic. Equilibrium I took it for the nodules in the thyroid and also for the pimples. I used it every day and I must say that the pimples are gone. Obviously I bought 2 more packs of Equilibrium oil. Both of these oils are fantastic 😍 recommended ❤️ they work 😍😍



Great Company & Products

From my experience I have 100% confidence in this company and in the quality and effectiveness of their products. I myself as well as friends and acquaintances have been able to experience their products and benefit from their effectiveness in the field of health and well-being. I love communicating with them, because they are attentive, welcoming, they always find solutions adapted to each request.

Luc Hatterley


Qi Oil MHz+

QI OIL ON SEVERE BURNS. Following a severe burn on my calf, I used rose qi oil reinjovation, obtaining great benefits and an evident regression of the lesion. Thanks, Bruno. NAPLES.

Bruno Brillante